Best Paper
Improved Image Classification using Topological Persistence
Authors: Tamal Krishna Dey, Sayan Mandal, William Varcho

Honorable Mention
Visualization of Neural Network Predictions for Weather Forecasting
Authors: Isabelle Roesch, Tobias Günther

Honorable Mention
Star Convex Cuts with Encoding Swaps for Fast Whole-Spine Vertebra Segmentation in MRI
Authors: Marko Rak, Klaus Tönnies

 rsz 1vmv awards

From left to right:
Martin Eisemann, TH Köln (Award Committee)
Marko Rak, University of Magdeburg
Isabelle Roesch, ETH Zürich
Stefan Gumhold, TU Dresden (Award Committee)
Tobias Günther, ETH Zürich
Sayan Mandal, Ohio State University
Jan Bender, RWTH Aachen (Award Committee)